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Stop Toying Around... Buy The Bigger Home!

Posted on Jan 20, 2023 in Selling Tips

Dad.. Dad I have a singer up my nose 

I remember this day like it was yesterday 

I was cleaning up some toys that were scattered all over the place  

My son was playing  or should I say banging on his xylophone singing away 

When he blurted the words above at first I was confused 

Then after trying to figure out what he meant by  “I have a singer up my nose” 


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 Here Is The BEST Tip To Upsize Your Home FAST In York Region & Toronto

Posted on Jan 18, 2023 in Selling Tips

Here’s One Tip To Upsize Your Home in Fast!

The key to doing this successfully 


Is having clarity



Clarity breeds success


It’s impossible to create an outcome/goal/result that you can’t even see.


If you can’t see it you can’t achieve it


Before you can hit any goal, or result you need to be clear on two things:


Where are we starting from, and

Where are we...

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