Stop Toying Around... Buy The Bigger Home!

Dad.. Dad I have a singer up my nose 

I remember this day like it was yesterday 

I was cleaning up some toys that were scattered all over the place  

My son was playing  or should I say banging on his xylophone singing away 

When he blurted the words above at first I was confused 

Then after trying to figure out what he meant by  “I have a singer up my nose” 

Then I noticed it.   

He had torn  one of the tone bars off the silicone frame of the xylophone 

He then proceeded to shove a small silicone piece up his nose 

After trying to get it out for about 10 mins It was off to the emergency department  

We spent two hours waiting and then Then out of nowhere  my son let out a huge sneeze 

Out came the silicone 

This was driving force to finish our basement   

We wanted to create a play room add more storage  

We also wanted to add an entertainment centre and kitchen 

Thinking back this was huge mistake 

What we should have done is upsize into the right home that would fit out longer needs 

What we didn’t have was trusting professional that would understand our needs for today and tomorrow 

Does this sound familiar  or are you experiencing g something similar right now? I

f you are… Let’s chat