Get A Load Of This!

This Month in York Region Real Estate June 2022  

Get A Load Of This! 

As we head into the fourth month of this market shift, we continue to see a trend! 

There are many people that think the market is crashing but it is doing exactly what it should do. 

As interest rates rise people get scared and fearful which causes the market to have less buyer demand 
The result… you guessed it… less homes sell, and home prices come down. 

I am fortunate to have held a senior HR role during the financial crisis of 2007/2008.  

It was a blessing in disguise, 

Why?  Because it taught me how to communicate with scared and full of fear people. 

I believe my role as professional is provide current updates of what is going on in real estate  

My focus is explaining the facts of what is happening now and spending less time on what might happen  

If you don’t have to sell right now..  

Don’t unless your situation calls for it.  

Here are some types if you need Sell Now.

 Now for you buyers waiting on the sidelines. 

Ask yourself this question: What are you doing now if you decided not to buy real estate at the peak of our market back in Jan/Feb early March?  

You said you’d buy as prices came down. 

Are we down enough now? 

We have come across some fantastic deals in York Region for buyers that have determined it is the right time for them. 

Remember, we’re not day-trading real estate here. 

Real estate is a long-term hold investment  Keeping informed is significant so let’s get into the facts  

York Region May 2022 Vs June 2022 1

011 homes sold in June vs 1100 in May.  This was 89 less homes and a 8.1% decrease
Average Price was $1,307,857 in June vs $1,369.657 in May.  This was an average decrease of $61,800 and a 4.5% decrease
Average Days on Market was 17 in June vs 14 in May. This was an average increase of 2 days and a 16.7% increase   

Vaughan May 2022 Vs June 2022 
259 homes sold in June vs 1263 in May.  This was 4 less homes and a 1.5% decrease
Average Price was $1,297,971 n June vs $1,376,668 in May.  This was an average decrease of $78,697 and a 5.7% decrease
Average Days on Market was 15 in June vs 14 in May. This was an average increase of 1 day and a 7.1% increase  

Please be rest assured I will be here to update you as we go through this together.   

Remember keeping current matters  

I am here to speak about different locations and more key details across York Region  

That’s all I have for now.  

Any questions?   

Have a great day, and don’t forget to share this.  

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Thank you for that! That’s all for today; thanks so much for your energy and attention. 

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